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dreamhop vol 1: CLANNAD by Dylan Cassidy

1. "Toufuu -piano-" (東風 Spring Breeze) 02:54
2. "Machi, Toki no Nagare, Hito" (町、時の流れ、人 Town, Flow of Time, People) 02:40
3. "Rivulet" 02:22
4. "Gensou" (幻想 Fantasy) 02:24
5. "Shionari II" (潮鳴り Roaring Tide) 02:34
6. "Sonzai" (存在 Existence) 03:26
7. "Sora ni Hikaru" (空に光る Shining in the Sky) 02:41
8. "Harukana Nengetsu" (遥かな年月 Distant Years) 02:00
9. "Hibi no Itoma" (日々の遑 The Days' Leisure) 01:18
10. "Nagisa" (渚) 03:20
11. "Chiisana Tenohira" (小さなてのひら Small Palms) 02:09
12. "Negai ga Kanau Basho" (願いが叶う場所 The Place Where Wishes Come True) 02:30

These are 12 lofi hip-hop remixes of my favorite songs from Clannad. I've always wanted to remix some video game music like this, and I'm happy with how this turned out. The ambient chillhop vibe should be great for studying and relaxing to.

The writing process was more akin to sound sculpting. EQ, reverb and delay effects help to warp and re-imagine these samples of piano and ambient synths. The tripped-out beats are suggestive of outer space, and perhaps other worlds.

Jagged yet pulsing rhythms emerge from the echoes. which help define the hypnagogic style of "dreamhop". This otherworldly vibe stays true to Clannad's dyadic ontology and magical realism. The melodies still carry all the love and heartbreak of the series, but transformed into a new vibe of their own.

If you've never experienced Clannad, you can still enjoy the music sans nostalgia. Maybe this will lead you to discovering this beloved game and anime. :)

released November 11, 2021

All tracks remixed and mastered in 2021.

Tracks 3, 8, 10, 11, 12 composed by Jun Maeda.
Tracks 1, 2, 5, 9 composed by Shinji Orito.
Tracks 4, 6, 7 composed by Magome Togoshi.

Cover art by Nagisa Furukawa.

You can stream this album on youtube, or download it here.


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