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Cosmic Zephyr DX is a hardcore third-person 3D space shooting game. Players will fight 13 epic battles as they soar through outer space. The gameplay is engaging, dynamic and intensely challenging.

The player controls a character that chases their enemies amongst the stars. You both ride along a tunnel that turns unpredictably. You must attack each enemy without being hit yourself. 

Each battle gets more intense as you approach the 13th boss. The game demands fast reflexes to stay on track and stay alive.

This game is an homage to all my favorite flying/racing games, and draws from a myriad of influences - Sonic, Extreme G, Jet Moto, AeroGauge, SSX 3, Wave Race 64, Road Rash, Burnout 3 and many others.


  • Intense, fast-paced gameplay
  • Classic retro video game style
  • Rewarding combo system
  • Records best times
  • Multiple soundtracks
  • Secret unlockables
  • Available in 12 languages

Controls (Windows)

  • Move / Jump - WASD / Arrow keys
  • Attack / Select - Space bar
  • Pause / Quit - Escape
  • Mute music - M
  • Toggle fullscreen - F

Controls (PS4 / Xbox One)

  • Move - D-pad / Joystick
  • Jump - X
  • Attack / Select - A
  • Pause / Quit - Start
  • Mute music - L1
  • Toggle fullscreen - R3

Flying at intensely fast speeds over planets and galaxies is meant to introduce players to trance-like states of heightened awareness. 

You have three difficulty modes to choose from: Easy, Hard and Insane. Tutorial mode teaches you how to play. Select from 6+ different soundtracks (electronica, piano, trip hop, dance, etc) for a variety of ambience.

The tunnel cycles through a rainbow of colors as you progress. The backgrounds are courtesy of NASA.

Cosmic Zephyr DX is meant to be the final word on hardcore retro gaming. This game is an ultimate challenge to lovers of flying, racing and space shooting games alike.

All major updates:
Cosmic Zephyr 1.8 - 5/15/2020 (Added polish from DX version)
Cosmic Zephyr DX - 4/5/2020 ("Remix" version with new levels and soundtracks)
Cosmic Zephyr 1.7 - 2/12/2019 (Added Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
Cosmic Zephyr 1.6 - 8/22/2018
Cosmic Zephyr 1.5.3 Android - 9/7/2016
Cosmic Zephyr 1.5.3 - 5/2/2016 (Added European languages)
Cosmic Zephyr 1.4 Android - 12/23/2015 (Android debut)
Cosmic Zephyr 1.4 - 11/27/2015
Cosmic Zephyr 1.3 - 9/30/2014
Cosmic Zephyr 1.0 -  8/9/2013 (Debut release)

英文名称:Cosmic Zephyr DX
游戏制作:Dylan Cassidy












Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Nice retro feeling game sound track matches the game play nicely.