Celody Life 4.0 is out!

I started out just adding a zoom feature to Celody Life. Then I decided to add a tutorial to explain how to use the software. I also rearranged the GUI and added a button to hide most of the GUI, if you want to just watch the cellular automata. The full GUI also displays Game of Life rules and frames per second now.

Then last but not least I finally fixed the button for musical keys. Now the software feels complete to me, I doubt I'll be returning to update it any time soon. Outside of a MIDI export option I don't see anything else I could add. And MIDI export would probably work better in my Seraphim Automata projects anyway.

John Conway published his version of the Game of Life in October 1970, so the exploration of this phenomena is very nascent. Not even 50 years old as of this writing. I hope this software encourages more people to explore cellular automata for its many potential applications! Music generation is only one of many things it can do.


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May 06, 2020

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